How we as organizations, leaders and care providers agree to work together to improve quality and the value of health care delivery for Ontarians

We are a partnership of individual, family, professional, volunteer, policy, planning and research representatives of Ontario's health care and hospice palliative care community (the "partners") that are committed to working together to advance high quality, high value health care and palliative care delivery for Ontario residents and their families.

As partners, we share a common purpose to better support adults and children with life-limiting illness, their families and their caregivers to improve their comfort, dignity and quality of life preceding death. This support extends to families and caregivers following a loved one's death. Achieving this purpose requires collaboration and commitment with shared ownership of solutions and actions between all partners and across all care settings.

How we treat those who are living with or dying from life-limiting illnesses in our community reflects who we are as a society. All Ontarians have the right to quality palliative care, which includes the right to optimize the quality of their life, to have access to physical, psychological, social, bereavement and spiritual care, to have respect consistent with other phases of life, and to die with dignity.

We aim for the delivery of quality care that is needs-based, proactive, holistic, timely, on-going, consistent, connected and respectful to improve the individual's and family's experience of care as well as population health and system outcomes. We support an integrated continuum of care options, recognizing the important role that care settings such as primary care, home care, long-term care homes, hospitals (acute and other), community support services and residential hospices all play in providing care to adults and children with progressive life limiting illness.

We believe that where desired by dying people and whenever possible, people should receive care and support to the end of their lives in their home community through primary providers in any care setting, with access to specialty care where appropriate.

We will work together to strengthen the ability of primary providers across all care settings to effectively serve adults and children with a wide range of needs, diseases and conditions, based on a holistic view of the person along a psychosocial continuum of care, along with a realistic understanding of their support environment. We will work together to support primary delivery by ensuring appropriate access to information, education, mentorship as well as regionally organized specialized palliative care services in all regions and local communities.

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